Welcome Check Six Airsoft Club! 

We do have open play days!

Please follow Check Six Airsoft on 

Facebook for open days and events.

Fill out before play, only one required per calander year

Required for any member or guest

TEXT: [ 315-709-7777 ]

Location: [ 5501 Knoxboro Rd Knoxboro, NY ]

Email: [ c6airsoftclub@gmail.com ]

FaceBook [ checksix airsoft ]


$150 PER YEAR       

Guests of Members $20 to play, $25 to play and rent

10% off BB's through Rob at Check Six Airsoft available at field or at:

eBay Store

If you want anything for the store message me at 3157097777


AIRSOFT Field Rules:


400 FPS and under for rifles

500 FPS for sniper rifles with a 100 Ft MED

350 FPS for pistols


Safety is our number one priority!

Refs are there to maintain safety and direct game play, not to call players hits.

Full seal eye protection ONLY (no mesh eye pro).

Eye protection must be worn at all times on the playing field!

If you have a problem with your eye pro, contact a ref.

Face protection required for all players under 18.

No mags in guns in the staging area.

At the end of each game unload and clear chambers

Mandatory red rags. Red light for night time play.

All players must chrono primaries, pistols, and gas shot guns.

If there is an emergency on the field, immediately call a “cease fire” and contact a ref.

If you have a medical condition we should know about please let the field staff or refs know.

Only certified EMT’s , professionally trained players, and field staff should respond to an injury, everyone else stay put.

Game Play:

If you feel you are being over shot, contact a ref.

All weapons are Semi-auto ONLY except for support weapons and SMG's.

Support weapons must be a direct replica of any internationally accepted light or medium machine gun (not an M4 or AK with a drum mag).

Within CQB areas, support weapons are limited to a 3 to 5 round burst.

Support weapons have a 25 FT MED.

ROF cap is 1200rds/min.

SMG's may use burst fire.

Melee weapons are not allowed.

No home made pyrotechnics of any kind.

Cold smoke only (must not require a lighter to be used)

Grenades have a 10ft kill radius outside of buildings and a one room kill radius inside buildings.

Grenades must function as intended, duds don’t count.

Grenades may only be thrown thru doors and windows.

General Info:

Biodegradable BB's ONLY!

BB's available for purchase on site.

Rentals are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Drinks are available for purchase on site.

Some rules may vary based on the event. All rules will be gone over during the safety brief at the beginning of the day.